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My name is Morris Njogu Ann. Yes, Ann is my surname. It’s my mother’s name. People get surprised that I’m called Ann. They ask to see my ID. My mother was a single parent, she passed on in 2003. So, I took her name up to preserve her legacy, she was a great lady.

She passed on when I was in class four. I studied in Nyeri for both my primary and secondary education. In 2012, I was admitted to Moi University, Eldoret, and studied Finance, Banking option. I completed my bachelor’s degree in 2015. Currently I am on internship at a company called FloraHolland, a Dutch company that exports flowers to the Netherlands. I’ve been there since February 2016.
My childhood was not smooth, I can tell you that. I was brought up by my uncles and aunts from my mother’s family, they were six. Three brothers and three sisters, they have been my mums and dads. I currently, live with one of my aunt’s in Kiambu. Time to time, I get to visit my grandfather upcountry in Nyeri.
How did I go through education? Well, luckily primary was free therefore eased the burden of fees for my guardians. After my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations, I was admitted to Kagumo High school. While there I found a sponsor through an organization called Edumed Trust who paid my secondary school fees and after I completed my fourth form they referred me to KCDF in 2012. Around that time, I got an admission letter to Moi University, Eldoret. My school fees and upkeep were paid in full by the Global Give Back Circle (GGBC).
Through KCDF, I learnt to give back to my community. At school where I was studying, I volunteered at the health center which is within the university. I learnt how to balance my studies and volunteer time. During the short holidays, I would mentor primary school children and help them with homework and generally talk to them about life experiences.
The process offers life-based training programs that would equip us with skills to help us navigate the outside world. This happened twice a year and touched on finance, health education and work readiness such as good interview skills.
My mentor is called Joe Githinji. He used to work in Oracle Consulting but now has runs his own firm. He has taught me about finance. Taught me how to manage my upkeep well and make sure that it lasted until the end of semester. Sometimes he would come to the life skills workshop with human resource practitioners and teach us how to write our CVs and conduct ourselves during interviews.
Ultimately, how do I intend to give back when I make it? I will focus on helping the needy boys and girls in small towns upcountry who are largely forgotten. Kids who don’t have access to information about these kinds of programs.
The lesson I have learnt so far is that life is what you view it as. Your background does not matter at all. If you say, “I’ll make it”, then you will. Also, don’t let setbacks define you.


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