From a Timid Girl to Miss Kiriri Women’s University

“In a few months, I will be finishing my degree in Business Administration.  I am born again and the reigning Miss Kiriri. I was chosen based on some qualities I exude. I am kind, welcoming, humble, intelligent and good hearted”.

Sharon confesses that when she thinks about it, it is still surreal that she holds this title.

“I come from Kiambu County. My family lives at Dumberi and I schooled in the same area. While at St. Ann's Gishosho Girls High School, a school in the locality, I was enrolled to the Global Give Back Circle (GGBC) programme. I qualified because of my academic credentials and my background. I come from a very humble background. Both my parents were unemployed when I was joining secondary school and we were basically surviving from hand to mouth. The support I received from GGBC could not have come at a better time in my life and it was such a relief to my parents,” she offers.

Sharon attends an all-girls university and partly one of the reasons she chose it, is because she was awarded a partial scholarship. “There are those who are bothered that it has only one gender, but it is honestly not a big deal to me. The only time I am made aware of this fact is when other people mention the oddity of it,” she says.

As a recipient of GGBC sponsorship, she acknowledges that it has changed her life in many ways. “It is mind blowing when I think about everything that I have learnt. The life skills training workshops have been an immense source of direction and perspective. I have learnt how to build an unforgettable brand. I have learnt the importance of having a vision board. On what is listed on my vision board is to finish my undergraduate, then follow it up with a master’s degree next year. However, my priority now is to complete my degree and transition to employment so that I start supporting my parents and siblings.  They have played a major role in shaping me into a woman of value, my mother especially. She does not tire to pray and believe with me”.

“Besides my parents, I have a mentor. She is Madam Loise Njeri and works with Isuzu East Africa. I have learnt, from her own personal story, that nothing comes easy. You have to be willing to work hard for it”, Sharon says. 

“My giveback commitment is called “Changamsha Siste”. Changamsha loosely translated to revive. Siste sister. I am giving back to the girl child just as I have received. I found the information I learnt at GGBC quite useful, so I decided to share with these girls. I go back to my secondary school and speak to the girls and occasionally bring together girls in my community and mentor them”.

“My experience with GGBC is a miracle because not everyone qualifies for this opportunity. When I joined the programme I was a timid girl, I could not talk confidently, was very shy and I could not maintain eye contact. Thanks to the mentorship and training I received, I am now very confident. My hope is that more girls can join this programme because it is life changing”.


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