From the Streets to The University

Mary Mweru Nyambura was brought up in Star of Hope Children’s home in Juja. “I don’t know where I was born because I don’t even have my birth certificate, but I have a vague image of my childhood and

I Owe My Success To My Father’s Devotion

“For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an engineer. As a young girl, I had great interest in math and sciences, two integral

My Mentor Shaped My Life, so I am Mentoring Others

Maureen grew up in Bomet. Her father passed on when she was in class two and the little earning her mother made from growing and selling vegetables

From a Timid Girl to Miss Kiriri Women’s University

“In a few months, I will be finishing my degree in Business Administration.  I am born again and the reigning Miss Kiriri. I was chosen based on some

From Vulnerable Orphan to Thriving Engineer

Cheryl Onyango Ombani comes from Migori County. In a country where poverty is widespread, becoming an orphan at the age of two years seems like a

Making it to Medical School against All Odds

When Mackline Nyanchama’s grandmother passed on, her death was blamed on witchcraft. But the young girl was not convinced, and the tragic incident

Where Art Meets Agriculture

 The tomato plants supported by strings have filled the greenhouse to the brim.

“The cold weather here in Limuru is not good for tomatoes, they do

Teaching Her Way Out of Poverty

Kiambu town was full of buzz as we made our way to the village of Ndumberi, where Keziah Njeri has grown up for the last twenty-two years of her

More Girls for Engineering Opportunities

 Beryl Akinyi Sewe

I never always knew about vehicles. But now I am learning so much about vehicles. I work for the government, in the State

Breaking Cultural Barriers to Education

Mandeq Adowo Mohamed 

Mandeq Adowo was brought up Wajir, North region of Kenya, a place she remembers as dry and dusty. When she was in standard


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