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We request your support in promoting Sustainable Community Development through Livelihoods, Education, Environment, and Governance.

With your support, we can enhance livelihoods, promote quality education, protect the environment, and strengthen effective governance and institutional effectiveness.

By investing in our livelihoods thematic area, we can help create economic growth and stability for those who do not have the purchasing power to meet basic needs. Through our education programs, we can ensure that every child has access to quality education, and we can equip communities with the skills they need to engage fully with education issues.

Together, we can also make a difference in protecting the environment and natural resources, reducing the risk of disasters and planning for climate change. By strengthening effective governance, we can expand the civic space and influence policies that help communities achieve sustainable development.

Finally, we can work to improve our institutional effectiveness, investing in people, systems, tools, and partnerships, to deliver our programs and projects more effectively and efficiently.

Your donation can make a real impact in the lives of those who need it most. Help us make a difference in Kenya today!

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Mpesa paybill number: 522800

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