Post COVID19 Recovery Response Intervention

New Approach: Post COVID19 Interventions

The last few months have really been busy, and we would like to give you an update on developments around our work in this uniquely challenging time. 

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is a crisis unlike any other. For almost five months, the corona-virus infectious cases indicated an increase despite the Government of Kenya's efforts to slow the spread among its population. Vulnerable households at the community level were adversely affected by the Government directives to contain the spread such as curfew and closure of public spaces. These households primarily relied on daily income from either casual or domestic labor, small scale businesses, or in the rural setup, subsistence farming. 

At KCDF, we began with what was an Emergency Response Fund set-up to meet the immediate needs of communities in high-density areas within the city. However, by end of May, the situation was not changing, and we needed to change strategy and adopt a post-recovery approach recognizing the need for more sustainable measures that support the communities' livelihoods while learning to cope with the new normal. 

These post-COVID-19 interventions are focused on the mid and long-term helping vulnerable families to sustain their incomes, attain food security, as well as integrating recommended health and hygiene protocols by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Ministry of Health. We recognize the importance of redistributing our efforts and scaling up urgently to generate long-term benefits beyond the current crisis.

Internally, the team continues to work remotely, sometimes even working through long hours having phone and virtual meetings with partners. However, all staff are hanging on well and are in good health. We carried out due diligence on partners, checking on their ability to quickly adapt to technology and supporting them where necessary in an effort to ensure work continues, and mitigate against eroding the gains we have made in our programmatic work. 

 When A Pandemic Hits: Generosity In The Time of COVID19

Since KCDF is not a relief organization, we found it useful to partner with others and collaborate with different partners in acting quickly and stepping up efforts in supporting disadvantaged communities affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We reached out to different corporates we have worked with in the past, as we focused on reaching the most vulnerable population on prevention and best practices in containing the spread of the virus, and offering emergency relief to these communities due to the economic challenges posed by the pandemic. 

COVID-19 related work took center stage, and KCDF managed to fundraise local support, both in cash and in-kind, to a tune of Kes. 18.7 Million. A testament to our ethos in promoting local giving. Premchandbhai Foundation's central effort enabled us to access support from the Visa Oshwal Community Center and other corporate partners were able to plug-in and give support in terms of food and health care packages of various amounts to distribute to our reputable grantees. We thank our corporate partners for their continued support. 
  • Cummins Car&General 
  • Isuzu East Africa 
  • Chandaria  Foundation 
  • Kapu  Africa
  • Mara Farming 
  • Sunflag Textiles
  • KCDF Staff 
  • Premchandbhai Foundation & Visa Oshwal Community Center
Additionally, we were very excited when the I&M Bank Foundation made two long term partnership commitments of Kes.10 Million and Kes. 50 Million towards post-COVID-19 interventions, and a three-year partnership in environmental conservation and awareness respectively. The I&M Bank Foundation Trustee, Sarit Rajah Shah, expressed the bank's commitment to helping counter the current environmental degradation and its effects on climate change. The grant will go towards tree planting, adoption of clean energy, and investment in sustainable waste management practices while nurturing a generation of future environmentalists. 

Internationally, we have gotten Kes. 73 Million from our long-standing institutional partners Wilde Ganzen, Comic Relief, and WellSpring towards post-COVID-19 interventions, and we have already identified and signed on grantees who will implement the work in the next 8-12 months. 


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