KCDF supports the sustainable development of communities by working in key areas across the country that includes: Education; Livelihoods & Environment and Natural Resource Management as key strategies in promoting social justice

KCDF also believes in Effective Governance and Institutional Effectiveness as a central part of building and strengthening local institutions in achieving the sustainability agenda.


Flourishing and resilient communities.



The education thematic work aims to support innovative approaches to strengthen access, transition, retention, and quality of education with the objective of improving learning outcomes for primary, secondary, tertiary, and out-of-school youth. The approach focusses on the holistic development of children and youth into productive members of society, as well as strengthening service delivery at local levels. Our work places emphasis on a multi-stakeholder approach to education, and youth programming, capacity development, policy enhancement, and promotion of entrepreneurship for out of school youth.

The livelihoods thematic work seeks to strengthen the ability of Kenyan communities to access sufficient income and resources necessary to meet their basic daily needs while making them resilient to environmental shocks and stresses. Our livelihoods work seeks to promote economic growth targeting the 'bottom of the pyramid' by facilitating livelihood creation interventions in urban areas, marginalized communities, arid and semi-arid areas.

The environment and natural resource management work seeks to strengthen the capacity of communities to have a voice in decision making in relation to planning and design of conservation initiatives affecting them and also assist such communities to adjust to the vagaries of climate variability.

KCDF believes that systemic and enduring change is possible when communities are able to initiate and drive their development agenda, work with government and other actors to access basic rights and services, as well as harness and grow their own resources. Our work places significant resources on capacity development in helping grow local institutions which will continue to ensure the growth of sustainable development in local communities.



Sustainability is at the heart of KCDF’s work. In line with this approach, the Foundation continues to grow an endowment fund whose proceeds continue to be invested in KCDF's work with communities. KCDF also partners with organized communities and individuals who invest their funds alongside KCDF’s endowment fund.