About KCDF

Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) is a public philanthropic foundation that supports sustainable community driven development. Formed in 1997, KCDF is the first and oldest indigenous foundation of its kind in East Africa.

Our Vision: 

Flourishing and resilient communities.

Our Mission: 

Promoting sustainable development of communities for social justice, through community engagement and organizing, local philanthropy, institution building, partnerships and networking, policy influencing and asset development.

KCDF believes that systemic and enduring change is possible when communities are able to initiate and drive their development agenda, work with governments and other actors to access basic rights and services as well as harness and grow their own resources. KCDF therefore invests in enhancing organized community-led initiatives to create a firm basis for sustainable development and social justice.

The unique components of the model are:-

  • Capacity building – empower the community to be organized and to identify their development priorities. This ensures ownership of the solutions and the process.
  • Continuous Accountability – for the community to be accountable and transparent to itself first as owners of the programme and to other partners.

Our Strategic Goals:

Strategic Goal 1: To build strong and credible institutions.

Strategic Goal 2: To influence and foster favorable policy frameworks and an enabling environment for organized giving and social justice.

Strategic Goal 3: To position KCDF as a centre of excellence that nurtures and promotes knowledge management and adoption of sound development policies and practice.

Strategic Goal 4: To strengthen and enhance KCDF’s sustainability.