The Art Exhibition event dubbed ‘Art for Youth’ seeks to raise resources for its Technical, Industrial, Vocational Education and Training (TIVET) scholarship programme which offers support to disadvantaged students pursuing diverse crafts and artisan courses at different levels.

In addition to the vocational training, the targeted beneficiaries will receive life skills training which includes; entrepreneurship, financial literacy, people skills and group mentorship. All beneficiaries will be required to undergo a mandatory apprenticeship from well-established enterprises as well as participate in group mentorship during their course duration.

Below are some pieces showcased by notable names in the art industry such as Peter Elung’at, Patrick Kinuthia, Sophie Walbeoffe, Joseph Bertiers and Camille Wekesa among others. These pieces are for sale and your purchase will go towards the scholarship kitty.

For more information on how to make your contribution and buy any of these artwork, reach Purity Murugu on 0733 970 193 or

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