Chandaria Scholarship: Godfrey Githinji Ndiru

“When I was in class one, my mother died while giving birth to twins.” Godfrey says. “Four years later one of the twins died of leukemia.” He doesn’t remember his mother. But he remembers in class

Chandaria Scholarship: Florence Katunge Mutua

Born and raised from a very small village in Machakos County, a place called Muthembwa village. “I have three siblings - two sisters and one brother

Chandaria Scholarship: George Gichure Kinyanjui

He remembers the drama that surrounded his father bringing home a second wife and his mother packing up her belongings and leaving with the three of

Chandaria Scholarship: Jacinta Mwendwa

What do you remember about growing up?

I grew up in Meru. I have been raised by my maternal grandmother since childhood. I studied in a public

Chandaria Scholarship: Patricia Cynthia Jackline

She says very little. Speaks in monosyllables. She sits at the edge of her seat, like a frightened deer. No eye contact. At some point she will cry

Chandaria Scholarship: Vincent Mathuku Musembi

“I am from Kibera but I grew up upcountry, Makueni county to be precise, up to the age of six years when we moved to Nairobi. Kibera has been home to


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