Who We Are

KCDF is a Kenyan development grant-making organization, founded and registered in 1997 as a public foundation, that supports communities to initiate and drive their development agenda by harnessing and growing their resources as well as securing their basic rights and services from duty bearers.

KCDF works with poor, marginalised and disadvantaged communities as its primary target group and looks to provide them support in uplifting themselves from their situation through their own efforts. A secondary target group involves organised communities who are focused in looking to uplift themselves in a sustainable manner through asset building.

KCDF thus invests significant resources to build, strengthen and sustain the core capacities of these communities by developing thoughtful, long-term collaborations with other actors such as governments, non–profit organisations, the business sector and individuals to achieve social justice.

Our Vision

All communities giving and working together in prosperity.

Our Mission

Promoting sustainable development of communities for social justice, through institution building, partnerships, resource mobilisation and policy influencing.

Our Values

KCDF believes and upholds the fundamental freedoms and rights as contained in the International Charter on Human Rights and The Constitution of Kenya. These rights and values include:

  • Social Justice and Equity: Everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities
  • Respect: The rights and dignity of every human being irrespective of their social standing
  • Integrity: Transparency, accountability and efficiency in our dealings with others
  • Partnerships: Working with other partners and collaborators in a dedicated manner to the achievement of common targets and goals
  • Innovation: Reflection, learning, innovation and striving to evolve, promote and share best practices with others

Our Strategic Niche

KCDF’s strategic niche is in promoting a model that enhances growth and sustainability of communities by their strong engagement in owning and driving their development efforts, through capacity development, community philanthropy and local resource mobilization.

Our Thematic Focus

  • Livelihoods, Environment and Climate Change Adaptation 
  • Children Education and Youth
  • Partnerships, Policy and Communication
  • Capacity Development and Organisational Development

Where We Work

KCDF believes strongly in the ability of the communities to identify and drive their own development agenda. As such, KCDF responds to requests or demands that emanates from these communities. KCDF therefore, ensures that its interventions have a national perspective by covering a diverse number of regions and counties. 

Our Awards

The KCDF model for community development is a unique one that is now globally recognized as a best practice and awarded during the Dubai International Awards for Best Practices in 2008 for outstanding contribution towards improving the living environment.

Additionally, KCDF received the Total Eco Challenge Silver Award in 2013 for exceptional and sustained achievement in planting trees and conserving forests in Kenya.


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Mpesa paybill: 522800


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