Education, Youth and Children Impact Stories

The education, youth and children thematic area focuses on supporting innovative approaches to strengthen education access, retention, transition and improved learning outcomes for primary, secondary, tertiary and out-of-school youth. 

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EPIC-Africa announces the winners of the 1st edition of the African Civil Society Organisation Excellence Awards

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Where We Work

Where We Work

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Our Thematic Areas

  • Community Philanthropy: Entrenching Local Resource Mobilisation

    Impact Stories

    Community Philanthropy: Entrenching Local Resource Mobilisation
    A KCDF publication highlighting local giving by communities for sustainable development

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  • Education, Youth and Children


    Education, Youth and Children

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  • Policy, Research and Advocacy


    Policy, Research and Advocacy

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  • Community Asset Development


    Community Asset Development

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Technology Donation Programme

TCSO’s in Kenya with formal Non-Profit status can now access donated software for free or at very low administrative fees.

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